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PCTO: Museums for all ! (part 2)

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21st February 2020 - Liceo Chini-Michelangelo Lido di Camaiore

This morning our students in 4AL and 4DL sharpened their observational skills and delivered original narratives in a stimulating storytelling workshop at the Civico Museo Archeologico di Camaiore (Cmac).After scrutinizing a vast array of artefacts, models and text panels , navigating through time and across cultures, students were asked to create a short story about an object of their choice.
Storytelling activities of this kind bring history to life, providing exciting new opportunities for students to connect with past objects and events in a way which is extemely meaningful to them. Constructing narratives is special because it allows students to take ownership of their learning in a richer and more memorable visitor experience.
Accompanied by Prof.G.Giannaccini,I.Mariotti and B.Rotondi

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